Well, kissing frogs hasn't helped me to find my prince, so this weekend, I did a little fishing and I discovered a few things:

Nothing like being dumped two days before you turn 40, but there are a lot of things that you don't need a man for - I can bait my own hook, and I can even take my own fish off the hook! I haven't fished in 20 years and I forgot how much I loved being on the water and just relaxing and fishing. My husband Bob and I had some of our best times just fishing and smoking cigars! That was one of the few times we actually got along ;-)

If I don't ever find a man that is man enough to love me ~ then all I can say is I am woman enough to love myself! Princesses wait for a man to rescue them. Queens straighten their crown and rescue themselves!  
Snagged one
If only men could be as easy to catch
Now this is how you do it
Yes Mother!
My beautiful  daughter, Leslie
My son, Robert
You sure this is pork?
I'm Cool!
The men may run, but the fish are coming to me!
Like mother, like daughter