This page is devoted to my family and the people that I love and that love me.
The next few pictures are in memory of my husband Bob, who died tragically of a heart attack the day before Easter in 1988 - 7 weeks before the birth of our son.  He was only 26.
My Kids
Many years ago I said goodbye to you
Life kept going on, even when I didn't want it to
I want to die too, but God said no.
I had two children to raise, and couldn't let go.
I see your face in the children you left
I thank God that He gave me that gift
A daughter you loved so much and
A baby boy you never got to touch
They all think I have forgotten you
But they just don't know what I've been through
For so long I bottled my feelings inside
I thought that I could make them hide.
I would trade 1000 days for one more moment just to say
One more I love you, one more I'm sorry
Share one more kiss and even one more worry
My eyes long to see your face
My arms reach for you
My ears miss your voice
My heart aches to love you.
I picked up the pieces of my broken heart
rebuilt my life and made a new start
Why can't I let you go?
Life may go on with sunshine and rain
But my love for you grows too in sorrow and pain
In quiet moments alone, I talk to you
Can you hear me? Do you talk to me too?
Sometimes I feel like you are right here
Holding my hand or wiping a tear.
So much left between us, left unsaid and undone
Our lives together are over almost before they'd begun
At least I've come to realize
All those years ago wasn't goodbye.
Alan .. The GREATEST Love of My Life!!!
My Son Bobby, Grandson Brady, Daughter Leslie

Alan and 4 of our kids - Breanna, Stephen, Nicole, and Rachel
Caspar laying on Alan!
Rachel got her nose pierced!
My Precious New Granddaughter - Anna Grace
Rachel holding Anna Grace and my grandson Bradyn
5 Generations
My Son Bobby and grandson Joshua
Anna Grace
Sugar Bair
The New Farm - we moved to Heaven!